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Kettle Review: Alessi Electric Kettle vs the Stove Top Kettle

In the first of our mini reviews we take a look at a couple of kettle designs by Alessi. We are often asked in the shop – “You know that Alessi Bird Kettle – well which one is better?” – so we thought we would create a short precis of the pros and cons of each.

Alessi 9093 Electric Kettle

Alessi 9093 Electric Kettle

Alessi 9093 Electric Kettle

When you first pick up the Alessi 9093 Electric Kettle you notice it is quite different from your average appliance. This kettle oozes class, and has the looks of a collector’s piece.

It is a well designed eye catching cordless electric kettle with an easy to use on/off switch. And you will find room for cable storage under the electrical plate.

The neat and tidy design will fit the smallest space on your kitchen worktop, though for me this quality design deserves prominent central billing among your kitchen accessories.

I like the easy to grip hand and adore the little bird whistle, (although sadly this little bird does not sing as the kettle automatically turns off as it comes to the boil).

The kettle can hold 1.5 Litres of water, enough to make 5 cups of your favourite brew.

The highly polished stainless steel body is easily cleaned and just needs a quick regular polish to maintain the shiny sparkle.

The kettle is a very good quality long lasting iconic item, and in my opinion its well worth spending just a little bit extra to get this great design into your kitchen.

The Alessi 9093 Electric Kettle is priced at £ 128.00

Alessi 9093 Stove Top Kettle

Love the look of the Alessi Electric Kettle but want a more traditional stove top version?

Alessi 9093 Stove Top Kettle

Alessi 9093 Stove Top Kettle

Well here we have the stylish Alessi hob kettle. It’s made of light stainless steel with a bird whistle – and yes it does whistle this time!

Not only a beautiful art deco style kitchen accessory but it’s also very functional and a joy to use. The magnetic steel heat-diffusing base is suitable for all types of stoves, and, a big plus for busy people, it boils quickly so you can enjoy your ‘cuppa’ in no time.

The ergonomically designed handle of the Alessi 9093 Stove Kettle is easy to grip and both it and the little bird whistle are made of ivory style cream PA. The kettle is easy to clean, with just a quick regular rub with a cloth keeping it looking just like new. If you enjoy the sound of a whistling kettle when boiled, then fill the kettle up to just below the spout line, and wait for the bird to sing.

A couple of words of advice for users: Don’t fill above the spout line as that can damage the bird whistle. Also after the kettle is boiled you should not place the empty or under filled kettle back onto the heat source as this can cause irreparable damage to the base.

All in all, I think this is a great design and perfect for a traditionalist kitchen. I wouldn’t mind betting that once you’ve tried this kettle you’ll wonder why you ever settled for anything else.

The Alessi 9093 Stove Kettle is priced at £ 85.00

Your Feedback on the Alessi 9093 Kettle

If you have either one of these iconic Alessi Kettles we would love to hear your feedback.

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