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Thursday May 1st until Tuesday May 6th

We have 20% off everything on our website,

plus lot’s more bargains to be had in our Dorchester shop….

  • Fairmont & Main White Linen China
  • Robert Welch RW11 Cutlery
  • LSA Contemporary Glassware
  • Orla Kiely Kitchen Ceramics
  • Joules Tableware
  • Dartington Crystal Glasses
  • Jersey Pottery Fruits de Mer




Sale Bargains

This is the time of year when bargains are to be had in the sales, but also when end of line products are there to be picked up at great prices.

ON THE TABLE has several end of lines on the Clearance Sale page.

Robert Welch are discontinuing the Meridian Cutlery range, so all reduced by 25%.

From Dartington we offer the Cream of the Crop range, with 30% off the Beer Glass and the Cider Glass.

Tableware Sale

20% off on all tableware brands at The end of year Sale with 20% of all our products.
Culinary Concepts Olive Picks

Culinary Concepts Olive Picks

Culinary Concepts Cutlery, Fairmont and Main China, LSA Glass, Robert Welch Cutlery and many more brands.
Orla Kiely Plant Pot

Orla Kiely Plant Pot

LSA Moya Tumblers

LSA Moya Tumblers

Robert Welch Cutlery – Perfect for Weddings!

We’re coming up to wedding season now – when the sun is shining and the bells are ringing! For the next couple of weeks the theme of the blog will be ideal wedding gifts, starting with a look this week at our majestic Robert Welch cutlery.

The Robert Welch company is a 50 year old family-run design house, whose eponymous founder helped to set the standard for British design modernism. Today it is responsible for a variety of wonderful sets of cutlery and cooking knives used widely both professionally and in the home. Here are a couple of our favourites:

Robert Welch Signature Knife Block

Our Robert Welch Knife Block set contains a bread knife, carving knife, kitchen knife, cook’s knife, vegetable knife, utility knife and a sharpening tool. It has a number of special little touches such as magnetized slots, which ensure the knives fit snugly inside and can be removed without damage.

This modish black block would look great sitting on any worktop, so it makes a great gift for any cooking-mad newlyweds.

Robert Welch Stanton Satin Cutlery Set


This Robert Welch cutlery set is among our most popular wedding gifts. It’s a great set for special occasions, and comes in four different sizes with either 24, 42, 56, or 84 pieces, all laid out in an attractive black display box.

All the pieces have been ergonomically designed to sit in your hand, with elegant curved handles and a reassuringly weighty feel. It’s so easy on the eye, you won’t want to give it away when the time comes for the wedding!

20% Tableware Sale – One Week Remaining!

Our summer tableware sale has been running for over a week, and the stock is literally flying off the shelves! Our customers have leapt at the opportunity to pick up everything from wine glasses and decanters to candles and placemats, all with an incredible 20% discount!

Christmas might be a little way off yet, but it doesn’t hurt to have an eye out for fabulous pieces of contemporary tableware that will look great during the party season. With our 20% discount ending in 7 days, you are not likely to find prices like this anywhere else any time soon!

For today’s blog we’ve picked a few items to look out for in the sale – and remember, if you see something you ‘d like to buy, don’t delay, because they might not stick around long at these prices!

LSA Jazz Glasses

LSA have created some wonderful funky wine glasses over the years, and the black LSA Jazz range are among the very best we’ve come across. They are handmade and come in boxes of four, with each glass having its own distinct pattern of black swirls, stripes or spots.


LSA Jazz Wine Glasses£45.50 £36.40

LSA have replicated this very striking and distinctive style across their other glassware and ceramics varieties, so you can also get LSA Jazz cocktail glasses, tumblers, and champagne flutes, as well as dinner plates and coffee mugs.



We’ve scoured the market for the best placemats, coasters and tablemats currently available, from beautifully decorated floral designs to trendy wood and leather ones from Inspire and Lifestyle. All are included in our 20% sale, so this week is the perfect time to buy!


Lifestyle Wood Coasters £9.50 £7.60

To get a simple rustic, contemporary look for your dinner table, we recommend the Lifestyle slate placemats and coasters. These are natural products, so no two will ever be exactly the same, but we think this is part of their charm. They’re very hardwearing, and come with a felt pad on the back to prevent scratches to your table.


Lifestyle Slate Placemats£17.20 £13.76

Iconic Alessi Designs

Alessi is one of the biggest names in kitchenware design, recognised around the world for the quality, innovation, and quirkiness of their products. It’s not often that you see these items included in a 20% sale, so if you want to bring a bit of Italian flair into your kitchen, now is your chance!


Alessi Todo Grater£45.00 £36.00


Alessi Kettle£45.00 £36.00


Alessi Starck Juicer£45.00 £36.00

There is just one week left to take advantage of our 20% sale, so head on over to the website and grab yourselves some fabulous tableware bargains. If you have any enquiries or comments please get in touch with us on 01305 257258.

Elia Cutlery – Miravell range

Choosing a new cutlery set is such as personal decision.  There are various factors to consider such as, material, weight design and quality.

One of my personal favourites is the Elia Cutlery range of stainless steel cutlery.

For me the long slender look brings a air of elegance to any dinning table.  This signature look spans the entire Elia Cutlery range, giving it a timeless appeal to Elia.

Made from 18/10 Stainless steel, the quality is assured, making it a joy to hold.

Elia Miravell

The entire Miravell range is finished with Mirro-like stainless steel.  The end of the cutlery has a pear drop look.

The Elia Miravell table knife costs £3.25

The Elia Miravell table fork costs £2.85

Buy Now

Elia Miravell knife and fork

Elia Miravell knife and fork

The Elia Miravell soup spoon costs £2.40

The Elia Miravell tea spoon costs £1.50

Buy Now

Elia Miravell soup spoon

Elia Miravell soup spoon

Elia Shadow

Contuning with the signature long sleek stem the Elia Shadow differs from the Miravell range in the it has a flat squared end.  This brings a contemporary feel to the  cutlery.  The Ela Shadow range is finished in brushed stainless steal.

The Elia Shadow table knife costs £3.25

The Elia Shadow table fork costs £2.85

Buy Now

Elia Shadow Knife and fork

Elia Shadow Knife and fork

The Elia Shadow soup spoon costs £2.40

The Elia Shadow tea spoon costs £1.50

Buy Now

Elia Shadow Soup Spoon

Elia Shadow Soup Spoon

On the table also stock the Elia Siena or Elia Zephyr range.

How to choose a wedding gift

So you have been invited to a wedding. You know the couple well; they’ve been of yours’ friends for years. It’s going to be a lovely day and you can’t wait.  There’s just one problem – How do you choose the right wedding gift?

If you are anything like me, at first sight of the invitation anxiety begins to fill you up, simply because you are not sure what to get the lovely couple.  I worry desperately about what to choose.

Here is my top ten wedding gift ideas fit for any wedding and budget.

We all love Jamie Oliver

Ever since the naked chef I have been a big fan of Mr Oliver.  Several years ago he branched out into selling his own branded kitchenware, cutlery and tableware.   Designed by Jamie and manufactured by Royal Worcester, these good quality items are much sought after and look fabulous on any table.

With such a fantastic range to choose from it’s easy to get a bit lost.  My recommendation would be the Fluted Blue Range.

Fluted blue sauce jug

Fluted blue sauce jug

1) Jamie Oliver Fluted Blue

The Jamie Oliver Fluted Blue range is a 12 piece set brings style and colour to his new range and it is wonderful to see a contemporary twist to some traditional shapes.

Specific items within the range include;

The Fluted blue sauce jug; crafted in stoneware, the duck egg blue tones has a subtle colour palette that enhances its interesting shape. The sauce jug is microwave and dishwasher safe and holds 1.5 pints.

The Flute Blue Mug light.  This Practical vintage looking mug is both elegant and practical.  Again microwave and dishwasher safe it holds 400ml and is perfect for holding coffee on a Monday morning.

Fluted blue small bowl

Fluted blue small bowl

This robust little bowl is perfect for breakfast.  17cm in diameter the Fluted Blue small bowl will hold a goodly amount of cereal of pudding and just looks great.

2) Robert Welch Cutlery

Cutlery and wedding go hand in hand and Robert Welch is synonymous with the stuff.  Established over 50 years ago, this family run business based in Warwick knows a thing or two about great design.

Designed by William Welch, The Robert Welch comet range is made up of 18/10 stainless steel.  It’s clear as soon as you hold any and all of Robert Welch’s cutlery they are special.  Formed from a single ingot of especially hardened stainless steel that maintains a cutting edge. It is weighty and very comfortable to hold.

Robert Welch Comet Cutlery has received Design Awards at the Tendence Fair in Frankfurt.

Signature knife block knives in black

Signature knife block knives in black

3) Signature Knife Block & Knives in Black

Again traditional with weddings, but this is no ordinary Knife set & Block.  If the lovely couple enjoy cooking then they will really appreciate the The Signature knife block and knives by Robert Welch.

The Robert Welch Signature knife block in black will make an impressive statement on your work top and keep your excellent quality kitchen knives out of harms way.

The knife block is made from black ABS with a stainless steel cap and slots for 6 knives and either a sharpening steel or knife sharpener. The black block also features magnetised slots which help to locate the knife blade within the slot and prevent damage to the blade when inserting or removing your knives.

The actual knife block measures height 22cm, width 23cm and depth 20cm.

The Set consists of :- Black Knife Block 22cm Bread Knife 23cm Carving Knife 14cm Kitchen Knife 14cm Cooks Knife 8cm Vegetable Knife 12cm Utility Knife 23cm Sharpening Steel or Knife Sharpener

Y Grinder White

Y Grinder White

4) Joseph Joseph Y grinder

I simply love the contemporary kitchenware that the Brothers Richard & Antony Joseph produces.  Stylish and technically innovative the product all look unique and make a bold statement.

The Y-Grinder is a new salt and pepper mill from Joseph Joseph. The distinctive mill has a unique twin-chamber design allowing both salt and pepper to be dispensed from the same stylish unit. It’s ceramic mechanism is fully adjustable and suitable for all types of seasoning including rock salt and is guaranteed for up to 10 years. Dimensions 11x 6 x20cm.

5) Joseph Joseph Shell Digital Scale

The new digital scale by Joseph Joseph is compact, practical and versatile. Lift off the integrated measuring bowl to reveal a large, easy to read LCD display and simple controls. Rest the upturned bowl on the unit and it is ready to weigh both liquids and dry foods in the following units – g, lb, oz, fl oz, ml. A convenient add and weigh function also allows multiple ingredients to be weighed in the same bowl during recipe preparation. The dimensions are 25 x 14.5 x 10cm and the scale can weigh up to 5kg/11lb.

Nigella Lawson flameware casserole

Nigella Lawson flameware casserole

6) Nigella Lawson Flameware Casserole

Nigella’s new range of flameware products include this Casserole Pot that is incredibly versatile. Made from a unique ceramic material they are lighter than stoneware and you can use them directly on a gas or electric hob, then pop them straight into the oven, before taking them to the table to serve.

They are also suitable for use in the microwave, freezer and dishwasher.

The insides have a non-stick coating making them very easy to clean

7) LSA Wine Red Wine Glasses

The red wine glasses in the LSA Wine and Bar collection are very elegant with tall stems. As with the rest of the collection they are handmade and boxed in fours in attractive packaging so make an ideal gift.  The red wine glass stands 26cms tall and holds 750ml.

LSA International also produce a wide variety of glasses to suite literary every palette.  Beer drinkers, vodka connoisseurs, cider and brandy glasses are available.  Make a personal touch might be to choose the couple’s favourite tipple and buy the appropriate glass.

La Cafetiere Thermique

La Cafetiere Thermique

8 ) La Cafetiere Thermique

Who can get through a Monday morning without a good cup of coffee?   If the wedding couple enjoy some hot java then they will definitely appreciate La Cafetiere Thermique.  Still iconic after 50 years this classic French business exudes sophistication and charm. From the art deco flair of Bialetti in northern Italy and the Zen perfection of the Japanese tea house to the leading designers on the UK scene, we work with the best in the world to make your favourite cup a satisfying and stylish experience, every time.

9) LSA Jazz Black Mug Set

Made of porcelain these stunning mugs are part of the Black Jazz Collection by LSA, to view other products in the collection search LSA by brand on our home page. The set is gift boxed.

Castle melamine cup cakes placemats coasters

Castle melamine cup cakes placemats coasters

10) Castle Melamine Cup Cakes Placemats & Coasters

These tablemats and coasters from Castle Melamine featuring six different vintage cake designs are very on trend at the moment. These melamine placemats are stain and scratch resistant and will take heat up to 145 degrees. They have a 5 year guarantee on the melamine surface. Packed in 6′s the placemats measure 29×20.5cms and the coasters 10x10cms

Whatever you decide to choose always remember to be appropriate to the Bride and Groom.  Think about who they are as a couple.  Do they enjoying cooking or entertaining.

If you are a couple looking for a wedding list why not consider the On the Table wedding list service.  If you have a contemporary lifestyle and are looking for a range that is slightly more unusual than your local store has to offer we will be able to help you.

The top 10 list of wedding gift ideas

  1. Jamie Oliver Fluted Blue
  2. Robert Welch Cutlery
  3. Signature Knife Block & Knives in Black
  4. Joseph Joseph Y grinder
  5. Joseph Joseph Shell Digital Scale
  6. Nigella Lawson Flameware Casserole
  7. LSA Wine Red Wine Glasses
  8. La Cafetiere Thermique
  9. LSA Jazz Black Mug Set
  10. Castle Melamine Cup Cakes Placemats & Coasters

What do you think?  Is this your  ideal gift list?  Let us know.

Choosing Cutlery

Choosing cutlery is largely based on your own style and taste. A high quality cutlery set can be expensive but they will probably last you a lifetime. Your personal needs in a cutlery set may vary, depending upon your cooking style, available space, and entertaining requirements. If you feel it’s time to upgrade to a more luxurious set, consider the material you require, design, place settings and how much you would like to spend.

Which material to choose?

There are three basic options:

  • stainless steel,
  • silver plate and
  • sterling silver (generally made to order).

Each has its own benefits and costs vary greatly. Eighty per cent of cutlery is 18/10 stainless steel, an alloy of iron with chrome and nickel added to make it corrosion resistant. They are suitable for use in dishwashers and convenient for everyday use.

Stainless steel cutlery generally comes in a wider range of designs than silver-plated cutlery.

Silver is a suitable material for cutlery as it doesn’t react with most foods and is resistant to staining and corrosion. It is a soft metal which makes it unsuitable for knife blades and so these are generally edged with stainless steel.

Sterling silver and plated cutlery will require polishing every so often to keep them looking clean and shiny.

Which design should I choose?

It is all about personal preference, some people prefer heavier cutlery whilst others will prefer feel and be guided more by the style. Consider how well the design will stand the test of time and whether it will still be stylish and functional in years to come?

Robert Welch Ammonite Cutlery Set

Robert Welch Ammonite Cutlery Set

Classic designs can generally be easily managed however should a more unusual design be discontinued then it will be difficult to source extra items as replacements or accessories to add to your chosen collection. Handles may be wood, plastic, or metal, although this is more an issue of preference than one of quality when choosing your cutlery set.

Robert Welch, Alessi and Maxwell & Williams are well known cutlery ranges available from On The Table.

The beautiful Robert Welch cutlery range is designed by William Welch and available in many designs, Robert Welch Comet Bright is weighty and very comfortable to hold, Norton Bright is a timeless classic design featuring rounded generous heads on spoons and forks and Ammonite Flat Bright comes with a timeless distinctive fossil motif stamped into both sides of the handle.

When buying antique cutlery the most important criteria to consider is condition. The tines on forks should be of equal length and the spoons should retain their original shape and not have sharp tips.

How much cutlery should I buy?

This will be determined by family size, whether you like to entertain family and friends with formal dinner settings and in more practical terms, how many times your dishwasher gets loaded before the clean stuff runs out. Think about how many place settings are required and if you have people round for dinner on a regular basis consider buying two sets of knives and forks so you won’t have to wash up between courses. Designs that allow you to buy individual components are a good idea as you never know when you may need to replace the odd spoon or fork that inevitably goes astray – you can always add to your service bit by bit, which can be a more affordable way to build your collection.

The Robert Welch cutlery range is available as a 24 piece set and contains six basic place settings of knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon. The 42 piece set contains 6 place settings of table knife, table fork, side knife, side fork, dessert spoon, soup spoon and tea spoon.

The 56 piece set allows for 8 place settings and the 84 piece set 12 place settings. Prices start from £84.

The Robert Welch Cutlery Sets can be extended to include, fish knives & forks, salad servers, sauce ladle, steak knives and children’s cutlery.

Robert Welch Comet Childrens Cutlery Set

Robert Welch Comet Childrens Cutlery Set

Robert Welch Children’s Cutlery Sets

The Robert Welch Children’s Cutlery Set Comet Bright priced at £20.00 is sold in a boxed set and makes a perfect Christening gift that can be used and enjoyed for many years.

Cutlery in a Formal Table Setting

For many the family, celebration or festive meal is not complete without the proper cutlery. There are many pieces of cutlery that can grace a table, but the following is the typical setting you will see at a more formal meal:

  • To the left of the setting you will see the forks. Traditionally, from the outside there will be the fish fork, salad fork and dinner fork. The fish fork is for picking bones out of fish. Salad forks are smaller and heavier then the dinner fork. The dinner fork comes last and is nearest to the plate. This is a longer fork and is also referred to as a meat fork.
  • To the right of the plate lies a service knife and this is for the entre and to cut meat. It is also the largest knife in the place setting. Next to that is a fish knife which is used in conjunction with the fish fork. Knives are always placed with the blade facing in toward the plate. On the far right is a soup spoon and it is a larger spoon then one served with coffee or dessert and is almost the same length as the dinner knife and fork. The place setting may also contain a butter knife to butter bread rolls.
  • Horizontally, above the dinner plate are the dessert spoon and cake fork. They are placed with the ends of the cutlery facing opposite directions.

This is the basis to a typical setting and the rule of etiquette is to use cutlery from the outside of the plate inwards. In this way you will always use the proper piece for the correct course.

Care and Cleaning for your Cutlery

Washing by hand is by far the best way to clean all cutlery, but very few people have the time or the patience for it. As a result most cutlery is now dishwasher safe, but there are still a few rules to follow:

  • Remove stainless steel from the dishwasher promptly as it is prone to corrosion if left in a moist atmosphere.
  • Avoid prolonged contact with very hot fat, salt, vinegar, egg, acidic fruits and wine, as these can cause surface blemishes.
  • Avoid soaking your cutlery as mineral salts in the water can attack the surface of the metal.
  • Never mix silverware with stainless steel in the wash as it can cause a chemical reaction and leave stains.
  • If you buy second-hand pieces with bone handles they should always be hand washed.
  • Well-made knives can be sharpened at home or professionally, and should be washed by hand and thoroughly dried to preserve the blade.

Choose a good quality, well made, and comfortable cutlery set when you invest in new knives. If you drop by the On The Table shop we have a comprehensive range of cutlery sets on display.

We still have special tableware sale offers of up to 40% discount on ranges from Alessi, Maxwell & Williams and Guzzini. Delivery on the 56 and 84 piece set may take approximately 30 days. Care for them well, and you will not need to replace your cutlery set for many years.

January Tableware Sale – Take 2

We have been overwhelmed with the response to our LSA Bar and Wine Glass Sale items so we have added a further selection.

Now you can make fantastic savings on the Joseph Joseph range of Kitchen accessories and Alessi, Maxwell & Williams and Guzzini cutlery sets.

Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph Nested Food Bowls

Joseph Joseph Nested Food Bowls

In the Joseph Joseph contemporary kitchenware range there are discounts on the Coloured Food Preparation Set, Bread Bin and Chopping Board set.

The new Joseph Joseph Nest 3 Coloured Food Preparation Set of kitchen bowls make an excellent practical gift. The three piece set is made up of a large and a small mixing bowl, and a citrus juicer.

The larger one bowl has a non-slip base and the smaller includes measurements. All of which neatly nest inside one another for easy storage.

The multi-coloured Nest 3 is now priced at £11.06, a 25% discount.

The stylish Black Bread Bin designed by Morph UK in conjunction with Joseph Joseph, is made of high quality melamine with a practical beech wood lid which doubles as a bread board.

Joseph Joseph Black Bread Bin

Joseph Joseph Black Bread Binboard.

The 100% melamine makes for very hygienic storage, being both durable and easy to wash and clean. The bread bin measures 18cmx36cmx21cm.

Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Board - Tired of constantly having to wash your chopping board as you prepare different food types? Then the Index chopping board categorisation system is the ideal solution. Packed in a neat ABS storage case, the four colour coded chopping boards have illustrated tabs labelling which board should be used for which food type (vegetables, fish, raw meat and cooked food).

The tabs are staggered for visual ease so no more worries about mixing different foods. A great solution to help maintain an hygienic food environment. The chopping boards are made from polypropylene and are dishwasher safe. The decorative storage case measures 33cm x 24cm x 8cm and has a non-slip base for safe storage on the kitchen worktop or in a cupboard.

Cutlery Sale Items

We also have some tempting offers available in the Alessi, Maxwell & Williams and Guzzini cutlery ranges.

Each cutlery design is made from fully forged 18/10 stainless steel, is dishwasher safe and combines elegant design with a comfortable feel for ease of use.

Guzzini Feeling Red Cutlery

Guzzini Feeling Red Cutlery

The Tibidabo Serving Set from Alessi is part of a small range of useful serving pieces designed by Kristina Lassus. The servers, now available from only £16.50, are perfect for serving salad and measure 23 x 7.5cms. To compliment the serving set, there are spaghetti tongs measuring 22.7cm. The Alessi brand design is pleasingly different, yet simple and highly functional.

The Guzzini bright royal blue, sophisticated charcoal grey cutlery and red cutlery is part of the “Feeling” range designed by Robin Levien. Sold in pairs, apart from the butter knife, you can easily build up the right size set to suit your needs. Prices are reduced by 20% and start at £3.36 for the butter knife.

For larger Cutlery sets, take a look at the Maxwell & Williams Allure and Cosmopolitan 40 piece sets. The Allure set is a range of polished contemporary cutlery with a distinctive curved edge design. Perfect for everyday use, yet the quality and practicality of this design works equally well in more formal dinner table settings. This 40 piece set is reduced from £145 to £100.

Maxwell & Williams Cosmopolitan Cutlery Set

Maxwell & Williams Cosmopolitan Cutlery Set

Also for everyday use is the Maxwell & Williams Cosmopolitan cutlery set priced at £87.50 for 40 pieces or £42.00 for a set of 16 pieces. Both 40 piece sets in the Allure and Cosmopolitan ranges contain cutlery for 8 place settings of table knife, table fork, soup spoon, dessert spoon and tea spoon. Individual items from the range may also be purchased for those wishing to add to or compliment existing sets.

Don’t forget that all of our tableware sale items are genuine reductions from the range and are available to buy online. With these reductions demand is expected to be high so if you see an item you like, we advise you not to delay your purchase, in order to avoid disappointment.