ECP Grow Your Own Collection

We’re keeping with the summer theme this week – and we’re really excited to share with you the Grow Your Own range from fabulous British designers ECP. This great collection has a wonderfully vintage feel, evoking those classic wartime posters urging Britons to ‘dig for victory’ by growing their own fruit and vegetables in gardens and allotments.

That wartime era may have long since passed, but its ideas and design styles still have a strong appeal to many of us. Not only are these ECP pieces full of character and personality, they are also colourful enough to brighten up any kitchen. Below are some of our favourite products in the Grow Your Own range – click on the links to see more information or purchase any of the items that take your fancy!

ECP Grow Your Own Mugs


ECP Garden Tools Mug£8.20


ECP Kitchen Garden Mug£8.20


ECP Sunflower Mug£8.20

ECP Grow Your Own Tins


ECP Retro Tin (small)£5.10


ECP Retro Tin (large)£11.25

Coffee and Hot Chocolate Christmas Gifts

One of the joys of Christmas is to sit and relax in front of a roaring log fire, leaving the cold outside to enjoy your favourite film on Boxing Day with a freshly made coffee or mug of hot chocolate. But have you ever thought about what it is that makes really great fresh coffee or hot chocolate?

What it is that turns an everyday drink, into a really indulgent treat?

Well, buying the best ingredients, of course, is vital, but do not underestimate the importance of the equipment used to brew and serve your drink. A good quality coffee maker is essential and of course a beautiful mug to serve it in.

Take a look at these great Coffee and Hot Chococlate Gift ideas to suit all tastes, from the functionality of the Mukka Express, the latest innovation in stove top cappuccino making to a range of quite beautiful coffee pot designs available from Bialetti, Freud and La Cafetiere.

Bialetti Mukka Express

Bialetti Mokka Express Coffee Pots

Bialetti Mokka Express Coffee Pots

Bialetti a brand that is synonymous with great Italian coffee have introduced the new Bialetti Mukka Express, the first Stove-Top Espresso Coffe maker. It comes with full instructions for turning a little water, coffee and milk into a wonderfully frothy cappuccino or smooth latte. The Mukka Express can also be used without milk for an ordinary espresso. It is available in a choice of original ‘cow print’, or black and steel designs.

Also available to match are a set of two Cappuccino ‘Cow print’ cups and saucers.

Freud Coffee Pot & Coffee Plunger

Freud Coffee Plunger

Freud Coffee Plunger

Freud the award winning designer wear, has produced a range of desirable pieces of cafetiere. The Freud Coffee Plunger, available in two sizes, is a contemporary design of polished stainless steel with black resin handle and comes with a unique drip proof spout.

The Coffee Plunger from Freud is a definite ‘must have’ for the design conscious coffee drinker. This cafetiere with its unique drip proof spout is constructed of polished stainless steel and is available in two sizes with either a cream resin or wooden handle. The larger size stands 23cm tall and will hold 1 litre. The smaller, measuring 16cm, holds 330ml – just perfect for an individual mug of coffee.

Both come with a matching creamer and sugar bowl. Not only great looking but superbly functional.

La Cafetiere Rainbow Cafetieres

Red La Cafetiere Rainbow Cafetiere

Red La Cafetiere Rainbow Cafetiere

The Rainbow Cafetieres from La Cafetiere have an enamel effect finish to complement your kitchen and are available in cream, red and white. The beaker is made from top quality heat resistant glass and the filter and plunger from stainless steel. Replacement parts are available.

The Perfect Coffee Mug

Don’t forget to select the perfect mug.

Martin Wiscombe has designed an iconic, retro and vintage range of mugs for EPC design, a British company. The Marmite porcelain mugs feature the iconic British design logo. ‘Love it or Hate it’ these mugs are a must have in their bright colours, available in three colours dark green, orange and purple.

ECP Vintage VW Campervan Mugs

ECP Vintage VW Campervan Mugs

The retro style ceramic mugs are conical shaped and available in two sizes, the larger stands 9cm tall and holds a ‘ pint of your favourite coffee / hot chocolate, whilst the smaller mug stands 8cm tall and holds 1/3 of a pint.

Choose from different food themes fairy cake, liquorice allsorts and raspberry jelly. The vintage range of ceramic mugs feature different themes including VW Beetle Mugs and VW Campervan Mugs, Lambretta Mugs , original Mini Mugs and Seaside Mugs. Create your own individual set with a variety of colours and choose from a wide range of shapes and designs to suit everyone’s taste.

So, sit back and relax with family and friends this Christmas and experience the refreshing, comforting, and calming effects from a relaxing cuppa.